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Patient participation

Patient Representative Group 

We have a patient representative group (PRG) which meets three times a year. The information and discussion from these meetings help us to develop and improve our services and we greatly appreciate those that give up their time.

PRG minutes 6 March 2018

PRG minutes 1 May 2018

PRG minutes 31 July 2018

PRG minutes 4 September 2018

PRG minutes 6 November 2018

PRG minutes 15 January 2019

PRG minutes 5 March 2019

PRG minutes 7 May 2019

Virtual patient representative panel 

We know that it can be difficult to attend regular meetings so we have also created a virtual patient representative panel. If you join, you will be sent a short questionnaire before every PRG meeting asking for your views on the topics we are going to discuss there.  This allows us to share views on what you feel are the priorities of the practice from wherever you happen to be.  Please email us at pontelandmedicalgroup.A84007@nhs.net if you are interested in joining.


We welcome suggestions at any time from our patients about our services – please speak to the practice team leader or reception supervisor.


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