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We offer a wide range of specialist clinics at the surgery including:

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TGhe Northumberland Joint Musculoskeletal and Pain Service (JMAPS).

Patients in Northumberland with musculoskeletal conditions or persistent pain can access The Northumberland Joint Musculoskeletal and Pain Service (JMAPS).

Specialist staff including musculoskeletal physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, specialist nurses and rehabilitation therapists can assess, advise and support you to manage your condition with the aim of improving your health and wellbeing.

Ante-natal clinics

Midwifery run clinics are held on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings

Cardiac rehabilitation

Our district nurses provide support and advice to patients whilst recovering from a heart attack

Cervical smears

Our practice nurses and doctors undertake cervical smears

Continence advice

Our district nurses provide continence advice and support for men and women

Family planning and contraception

Advice is available with the practice nurses or doctors.

Contraceptive devices (copper coil or Mirena coil) or Nexplanon implants can be fitted at the surgery. If you wish to discuss these contraceptive choices please ask to speak to Waynner Fryer our Health Care Assistant.

If you know you would like to have a coil or Nexplanon fitted or removed, please leave a message and contact phone number with one of our receptionists and you will be contacted to arrange an appropriate appointment.

Health management

Clinics are held at Ponteland for patients who suffer from a long term condition such as heart problems, asthma, diabetes etc.

Nurse practitioner 

We have highly skilled practitioners who can assess and treat many conditions normally seen by a GP. The can also prescribe medications. Please click here to see a list of these conditions.

Smoking cessation

Advice and support is offered by our practice nurses for patients who wish to give up smoking


Tuesday 9am-12.30pm
Thursday 1.30pm – 4.30pm for patients discharged from monitoring at hospital (appointment only)

Well baby

Tuesday 9am – 12.00 noon
Wednesday 2pm -4 pm for development checks (appointment only)


Travel immunisations

We run regular travel clinics .  This provides up-to-date health related travel advice, including information about appropriate vaccinations, malaria prevention, advice about protection from the sun and other travel health and safety issues.

Ideally appointments should be made at least six weeks prior to travel, but please contact us if later as some courses of vaccines have provision for an accelerated schedule. It would help us plan your individual programme of vaccinations if you could come for your appointments with information about the proposed destination, particularly with regard to complicated travel schedules.

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Other services

The surgery provides a number of other services such as signing certificates and forms.

There will be a charge for these services which you can see here.

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